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SQUARE For Development & Management was established in 2010, as a private residential and estate developer in Cairo.
SQUARE For Development & Management’ business model is based on a phased strategy of “Buy”, “Design”, “Sell” and “Build”, supported by constant customer care and close control over the development process to ensure each property is of the highest quality possible

The “Buy” phase
In this phase, SQUARE actively seeks to purchase land in prime locations. When selecting land, the development team considers a number of factors including the location of the land, whether it has scenic views, its proximity to amenities, the infrastructure availability and its potential investment appreciation opportunities.
The “Design” phase
Once the Group has secured development rights and contracted to purchase land for a particular development, the design phase begins. The objective of this phase is to create a development design that represents SQUARE’ luxury brand and optimises the commercial viability of the development.
The “Sell” phase
During the “Sell” phase, SQUARE contracts to sell a certain proportion of the units in the development to customers “off-plan” in managed stages following the launch of the new development to the public.
The “Build” phase
The final phase of the Group’s business model is the “Build” phase. Construction is provided by external contractors in two phases:
– An initial contract for enabling works
– A subsequent contract for main work

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